Cut Costs by 25% with Multi-Stop Route Planning

Simplify your route planning with reusable waypoints for streamlined operations. Get started now - it's free and user-friendly!

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Optimize Multi-Stop Routes with Ease

Quickly optimize multi-stop routes in just a few clicks. Our app makes complex planning simple and efficient.

Quickly add multiple stops
Adding Stops Made Simple & Quick
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Optimization of routes
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Start Using Route
Deliver Faster with Optimal Routes
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Find Out Why Everyone Loves Our Route Planner!

Maximize Your Delivery Efficiency: Discover Key Features of Our Route Planner App, Designed to Save Time and Reduce Costs.

Delivery Route Optimization

Optimize your route with multiple stops. Cut down time costs by 25% and ramp up your delivery efficiency effortlessly.

Address & Customer Book Management

Effortlessly manage routine routes with Address Book. Save frequently visited spots, reducing repetitive searches, and streamline your daily planning.

Add Stops Faster

Save frequently used stop details for quick addition, reuse completed locations, or import from files. Streamlining your route planning has never been easier.

Effortlessly Reuse History Routes

Copy and modify past successful routes with ease. Reset stop statuses to streamline your planning, making repeat deliveries more efficient.


Questions you want to know

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What Are the Benefits of Using Loop Route Planner?

Loop simplifies your routing with easy-to-use features. Quickly add stops from favorites and past trips, and tailor routes with customizable preferences. Plus, start now with our free trial and experience streamlined planning at no cost.

Versatile and user-centric, this route planner serves your diverse needs across industries. It's not just for delivery; it's for anyone needing efficient logistics, maintenance scheduling, or field marketing. It stands out by providing you with universal solutions, not limited to a single industry.

Right now, you can enjoy our route planner for free during our public beta. Looking ahead, we plan to offer affordable pricing options that will continue to provide excellent service at a great price.

Our route planner allows you to add unlimited stops

You can optimize an unlimited number of routes with our planner.